Junior Electrical Engineer

  • Hardware Engineering
  • Utrecht, Netherlands

Junior Electrical Engineer

Job description

At Vitestro, we are technology enthusiasts developing a completely new medical robotic system that has the potential to touch the lives of a billion patients. We are treading down a path where not many people have ever gone before. We are looking for a junior electrical engineer to join us on this journey, helping us build the electronics backbone of our device. You will work closely together with our electrical systems engineer and freelance electrical engineers. In addition, you collaborate with both mechanical and software engineers. 
We provide you with plenty of on-the-job learning experiences. 

The following will be at the core of your responsibilities:

  • Evaluating critical medical grade electronics.
  • Assembly, testing and debugging of the first venipuncture devices.
  • Designing & simulating medical grade circuits.
  • PCB layout modifications.

The position is full-time and starts in May 2020. We are looking for a highly practical candidate, with a demonstrable affinity for electrical engineering, that has a getting-things-done mentality.

Job requirements

Job requirements

Your profile

  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering (Dutch equivalent: HBO or WO) 
  • At least 2 year of relevant work experience
  • Good basic knowledge of analog & digital electronics: 
    • Familiarity with power electronics (LDOs, switching regulators) and analog electronics (opamps, transistors)
    • Familiarity with communication electronics (CAN, Ethernet, USB, I2C, SPI etc.)
  • Bench level (practical) electronics debug experience:
    • Practical electronics trouble-shooting experience
    • Soldering skills with SMD components
    • Familiarity with using electronics lab equipment – ammeter, voltmeter, oscilloscope, power supplies, signal generators, etc 
    • Familiarity with selecting / ordering electronics components (resistors, capacitors, fuses, ferrite beads) from Digikey, Farnell, etc
    • Familiarity with different PCB level component sizes (1206, 0805, 0402, etc)

Bonus skills

  • Schematic design experience & PCB layout experience
  • Experience with Altium
  • Experience with LTSpice for circuit simulations
  • EMC knowledge
  • Medical electronics regulation (IEC 60601) knowledge

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For questions, please contact Fenna Hellegers at fennahellegers@vitestro.com.

For recruitment agencies: no thank you.