Freelance cost expert - mechatronic designs

  • Utrecht, Netherlands

Freelance cost expert - mechatronic designs

Job description

Freelance cost expert - mechatronics designs: precision mechanics, actuators and electronics

At Vitestro, we are technology enthusiasts developing a completely new medical robotic system that has the potential to touch the lives of a billion patients. We are treading down a path where not many people have ever gone before.


You will be the go-to person for questions regarding cost estimation of designs in both the concept and detailed design phase. You will think along with the engineering team in the design process on how to reduce costs and increase reliability. You will provide input in the concept phase about the high-level design and most important buy-parts and in the detailed phase about specific choices for the make-parts. There is no need for application specific knowledge. You will not make designs yourself; you will only support the engineering team with making the right decisions.

Personal fit

As our ideal candidate:

  • You are ‘a walking catalogue’ with knowledge about pricing and suppliers in the field of mechatronics with devices that in terms of size fit on a desk, ranging from: 

      o Buy-parts such as actuators, off-the-shelf electronics, bearings, linear slides, spindles, encoders, etc 

      o Make-parts such as turning, milling, sheet metal, etc

  • You have extensive knowledge of economies of scale, how will costs decrease with increase numbers of units per year (ranging from several prototypes to couple of hundreds per year)
  • >10 years of experience in the manufacturing industry as designer or design reviewer, with focus on mechatronics and relatively small volumes series production
  • You are intrinsically motivated and you have a sense of urgency required for bringing our breakthrough product to the market successfully

Job requirements

We are looking for a freelancer who can help us 8-16 hours per week.

What is your must-have skillset?

  • You should have a ton of experience in mechatronic designs reducing costs and increase reliability
  • You have the ability to judge upfront which suppliers or which products might be the best for a great variety of components to reduce the effort of the engineering team reaching out to all suppliers
  • In-depth understanding of pricing and suppliers of production processes
  • Understand economies of scale: what the surplus is for smaller volumes (5-10 units/year) versus larger volumes (100+
  • units/year), please note that knowledge about > 2.000 units/year is not relevant for this stage

What is your nice-to-have skillset?

  • Being flexible for ad-hoc questions

What do you need to know before applying?

Vitestro is located in Utrecht. Physical presence will be required during some discussions, but a large part of the work can be done remote.

You will be paid based on an hourly rate, not based on commission with suppliers. We are looking for an independent consultant.

For questions please contact Venetia de Wit at tel 06-15850813 or

For recruitment agencies – no thank you.