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C++ Software Engineer (Medior)

Utrecht, Netherlands

Job description

Who we are

Vitestro will be the first to bring autonomous blood drawing technology to European hospitals. Blood drawing, performed billions of times per year worldwide, is key to clinical diagnosis. Given the mounting shortages of healthcare personnel and global population growth, there is a clear need for a future-proof system to guarantee continuity of care.

To help solve this problem we are developing an autonomous blood drawing device. We are the first in the world to develop a fully autonomous blood-drawing device using a combination of state-of-the-art A.I. and robotics. The venipuncture device uses infrared and ultrasound to localize the vein in the arm of the patient. A robotic positioning system controls the interaction between the ultrasound probe and the arm of the patient, while an ultrasound probe creates a 3D image of the vein using artificial intelligence (A.I.). The optimal insertion location is determined by the software algorithms to position the robotic needle insertion in the middle of the vein, ensuring accurate and secure blood collection. The procedure is performed fully automatically, from tourniquet to bandage application.

We are ambitious and strongly believe that we have only just started. Technology lies at our core: multidisciplinary team primarily consists of highly specialized hardware and software engineers. We also have our own medical team, driving clinical trials together with our clinical partners.

About the job

As a Control Software Engineer, you will work in one of our scrum teams to develop the C++ software for our medical device. You will work on a variety of topics. You will be closely involved in the hardware-software integration which requires close collaboration with our systems/mechanical and electrical engineers. The software needs to run real-time and the hardware module needs to be integrated smoothly with the rest of the system. This will give you a broad overview of our system architecture.

Part of the work will also include developing/maintaining the tooling/infrastructure for visualization, verification, and validation. Last but not least, your code needs to be robust because we are developing a medical device. Patient safety and regulation requirements are paramount.

Job requirements

What we are looking for

  • Master’s degree in computer science, electrical engineering or equivalent
  • 5+ years relevant working experience with (embedded) C++ software development
  • Familiar with Linux and/or real-time environments
  • Sufficient level of understanding of Python
  • Experience with Robotic software development environments (e.g. ROS)
  • Experience with software development for medical devices (IEC 62304)
  • Experience with Agile software development
  • For a ‘real inventor’ and has a passion for software, electronics and hardware
  • Someone who likes to push boundaries & loves coding
  • A team player
  • Some who feels ownership

What we offer

  • Competitive salary including pension plan
  • Stock option package, to become co-owner
  • An inspiring working environment
  • Work with driven and talented colleagues, that love to realize breakthroughs
  • Experience an open culture, where direct feedback is strongly encouraged
  • Focus on team play, including frequent out-of-work activities (such as ski-trips)
  • Daily lunches in the office

We need a go-getter who enjoys solving one of the toughest challenges. We are looking for someone who gets enthusiastic about reaching our goals as a team. A fit with our team values is important which are: Contribution to Patient care, Realizing breakthroughs, Team play, Ownership & Dedication, and Champions League (playing at the highest level).

For questions, please contact Mandla Malaba,

For recruitment agencies – no thank you.